What are Mini Nubians?

​​     Mini Nubians are part Nubian, part Nigerian Dwarf.  They are a miniature breed, and range from 22-30 inches at the withers.  Though they are half the size of a Nubian, they can produce 2/3 of the milk a Nubian can! Even though they are part Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubians should resemble Nubians with long, bell-shaped ears and Roman noses.

​Why Mini Nubians?​

      We have always loved Nubians' long, floppy ears, but Nubians were just too big.  Since Mini Nubians are part Nigerian Dwarf, they are the perfect size for a family dairy goat!  They are also the perfect size for show goats!  Mini Nubians also have very sweet personalities, making them great pets.  ​​